How Does a Texas Installment Loans Online Work?

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Texas Installment Loans Online Texas

It can be difficult to make ends meet until the next payday. Whether you need cash for automobile repairs or an unexpected medical bill, Payday TX is here for you 24/7.

No matter where you live in Texas State, online short-term loans are a great option if you need immediate funds. is available 24/7 to answer emergency financial questions, provide loan assistance, and help you get up to $2,000 as an installment loan. Guaranteed approval instant payday loans are also available at our online lending platform. Finally, repay the loan in fixed equal installments over several months based on your payday.

To apply for online installment loans, you need:

  • To be 18 years old permanent US citizen
  • To be resident of Texas state
  • A verified and regular income source
  • A valid checking account in any US bank account
  • An active phone number and email address

Installment Loan Rates and Terms in Texas

The following table is an example of a $500 installment loan. Terms and fees vary depending on the amount borrowed. See Loan Agreement for Annual Percentage Rate (APR) and other applicable loan terms. If you have any questions or need more information, contact us now.

In this example, the customer makes monthly payments of $318.08 four times, and finally $318.14 once.



Finance Charge

$ 16.48

Amount Financed

$ 500.00


$ 1,073.98

Total of payments**

4 payments of $ 318.08, and final payment of $ 318.14


In this example, the customer pays every two weeks, making 10 payments of $122.16 and one final payment of $122.21.



Finance Charge

$ 12.72

Amount Financed

$ 500.00


$ 831.09

Total of payments**

10 payments of $ 122.16, and final payment of $ 122.21


NOTE: Actual installment loan terms may differ from the examples above due to various factors such as amount borrowed, loan length and APR. The factors that affect loan terms and actual costs are as follows:

 *Annual Rate:  APR is the cost of the loan expressed as an annual rate.

 ** Assumes all payments are made on schedule.

What is the average APR for an online installment loan in Texas? For bad or poor credits loans, it is common to pay triple-digit annual rates starting from 100%.

For loan products for borrowers with good credit ratings typically have interest rates ranging from 5.89% to 35.99%. But there is another aspect to consider. There are a number of lending companies in Texas that typically do not charge interest directly to their customers because they are connected to third-party installment loan providers.

Why Choose Payday TX for Texas Installment Loans?

  • Loan amounts from $200 – $2000
  • Simple loan application process
  • Fast loan request approval
  • Flexible loan duration
  • Convenient online payments

Why Apply for Bad Credit Installment Loans Texas

With bad credit score installment loans Texas, debtors are required to take out a small percent from their paychecks to pay off the total loan amount. The preferred time period has a tendency to be 6 months, over which debtors pay off the collected finance charge. What`s more, they can be given to borrowers with worst credit score ratings that could obviously disqualify from financial lending institutions like banks.

No regulations are imposed on how clients make use of the funds. It is crucial to limit the usage of such financial solution to emergencies because the debtors pay a premium amount to borrow such loans with bad credit score.

Ready to apply? Simply submit your details using our quick and easy online application form. After submitting your application, you will be notified within seconds if you are eligible. Payday TX is the premier source for unique installment loans in Texas because you can borrow money instantly in just a few steps.