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Life is full with surprises. Because of this, you as a consumer may need access to immediate funds at any time in your life. The word “emergency or immediate” means no waiting at all so it is not feasible to choose traditional bank loans to handle such situations. We, at Payday TX are dedicated to provide emergency loans that look out for and safeguard your financial well being in the unforeseen circumstances.

What Are Emergency Loans?

An emergency cash advance, as the name suggests, is a loan you need urgently. Unfortunately, these unexpected moments can become an inevitable part of life and you cannot surpass them without taking care of them.

The simple emergency cash loans can help in such situations, providing borrowers with the temporary funds they need to survive an unexpected situation. Such short-term loans may be utilized in the following situations:

  • auto expenses
  • emergency money
  • unexpected travel expenses
  • unpaid utility bills

Our emergency loans at paydaytx.com can be easily applied for and disbursed, with term lengths customized to your need. With emergency loans that cover all the essentials, you can find solace from life’s unforeseen financial circumstances.

How Much Can I Borrow with Emergency Loans and What are the Terms?

Payday TX offers emergency loans with rates as low as 5.99%* APR. Everything is share within the loan agreement and before signing it you are welcome to discuss specific term lengths and other factors.

How Often Can I Submit an Application for An Emergency Loan?

Only one emergency loan application may be approved every 12 months. If you need more money, you can look into alternative personal loan options.

Will There be Any Penalties If I miss a payment on my Emergency Loan?

If your emergency loan payment is overdue by more than 10 days, you will be responsible for an additional 20% of the interest owed. The minimum and maximum fees are $0.05 and $100, respectively.

Can I Get an Emergency Loan with Bad Credit?

With same day loans and instant loans, you can access money at the quickest. They are also known as no denial payday loans because your loan request gets approved despite the credit score. Hence, guaranteed or secured loans for bad credit do exist, but they are much more risky than unsecured personal loans for bad credit. Defaulting on a secured loan puts you at risk of losing other valuable assets, while failing to pay on an unsecured loan only lowers your creditworthiness. You can also get emergency funds by applying for a personal loan. Approve loans and receive money instantly, regardless of your credit history.

We work with a vast network of direct payday lenders who consider factors other than creditworthiness when evaluating applications, such as:

  • your employment status.
  • your income.
  • your age.
  • The amount you want to borrow from them.

What are the Eligibility Criteria for an Emergency Cash Loan?

Certain approval criteria must be met when taking out any type of loan which is as follows:

  • Be a US citizen.
  • 18+ of Age.
  • An active checking account for receiving funds. Stable income of $800+ monthly.
  • Assure that you can repay the loan

Other requirements may apply depending on your requested amount and location. However, once your loan request is accepted, the lender will guide you through the process. No matter what happens, you can always count on Payday TX to be there to help you when you need emergency funds the most.