“Payday Loans Texas is here to help you deal with unexpected financial difficulties. We make it easy for you to find a reliable lender who will get you the money you need as quickly as possible”

Here at Payday Loans Texas, we want to help you access the money you need in a way that’s fast and stress free. Whether your financial setback is caused by a short illness, a sudden breakage or having to help a family member in trouble, we are here to support you. We will search our range of available lenders and try to find the best possible match for your personal circumstances.

We know that finding yourself with less money than you need is incredibly stressful. Sometimes, even the thought of applying for a short term loan might feel like too much to manage. Our team at Payday Loans Texas are dedicated to making sure that applying for an online payday loan is straightforward and painless, allowing you to know exactly how much you can borrow and when you will need to pay it back. Knowing that you can access additional money when you need it most allows you the space to relax and means that you don’t have to lie awake at night worrying about how to make ends meet.

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Representative APR 391%:

The amount that you are charged for borrowing from a payday lender will vary depending on the lender, the amount that you are borrowing, the period of time you are hoping to borrow and your personal circumstances. Within the online payday loan industry, an APR of 391% is considered typical. Obviously, APR is referring to the annual rate, and online payday loans are not considered suitable for annual borrowing, so a more typical example would be that you might ask to borrow $100 for a period of two weeks. At the end of this two weeks, you would need to pay back the initial $100 and a fee of $15, meaning that $115 is due. If this amount is not paid, you or the lender may decide to roll over the amount for another two week period. This would incur another $15 dollar charge, meaning that the total payable at the end of four weeks would be $130. These rollover charges can mount up quickly, so it is important that you consider how you plan to make your payments before taking out your online payday loan.

Implications of Non-payment:

We only work with a selected group of lenders, and we ask that all of the online payday lenders we work with follow best practice guidelines from industry associations and all applicable government agencies and bureaus. This ensures that they follow the highest standards of ethical and legal conduct in their approach to collections and are among the best in the country in this area.
Non-payment of online payday loans can also have a negative impact on your credit score. Our lenders cooperate with the major credit ratings agencies, and any failure to make payments on time can be recorded. If you are having trouble making payments on an online payday loan, we strongly advise you to contact your lender directly, as they may be able to help. Payday Loans Texas is not able to arrange payment terms or alter any agreements, as we are not lenders, brokers or representatives.

Important information and disclosures. Please read the following information carefully

Payday loans (also known as short duration loans) are not appropriate financial tools for all situations. They are intended to provide you with relief on a temporary basis. They do not form part of a long-term solution to financial difficulties and it can be dangerous to attempt to use them in this way. If you are currently experiencing serious financial difficulties, or if you anticipate experiencing these, please consider alternative financial products and consider seeking professional financial advice.

Payday Loans Texas is not an online payday loan provider or lender. We do not make any offer to lend or decisions regarding the provision of loans or credit. Payday Loans Texas exists to connect those looking for short duration borrowing with lenders willing to provide this service from a network of lenders. We are not in any ways acting as a lender, agent, broker or representative and we do not endorse specific lenders. Payday Loans Texas is funded via payments from our network of lenders, allowing us to connect you to lenders without any costs to you.
Payday Loans Texas do not offer their services in all states. If we receive a loan request from users in a state that prohibits such loans, of if we do not have a lender able to offer a loan in that area, no lender will be provided for you. Some users of our website may be offered a tribal lender. Obtaining an online payday loan from a tribal lender means that you will be entering into an agreement that is subject to federal and tribal laws and regulations but may be exempt from certain state legislation. You may also be asked to accept that any problems or disputes be resolved under tribal jurisdiction. The terms offered by all lenders will vary significantly, so it is imperative that you only accept a loan offer if you are sure that you are willing to be bound by the terms of the agreement and if you are able to manage your repayments.
Because Payday Loans Texas does not offer or guarantee any loans, we will also not examine your credit rating or perform any credit checks. Our online payday lenders will do so, however. Submitting your personal data through our online application form constitutes you granting permission for any of our lenders to check the information you have provided to us, including verifying your identity using your social security details or driving licence and also to check your credit history with any of the major credit bureaus, including the major names in the industry and also from alternative credit rating organisations.

Lender’s Disclosure of Terms.

Any lender offering you a loan will provide you with copies of their documentation including information on all fees and costs associated with your suggested loan. This will include the potential for late payment fees and the circumstances under which you may be permitted to rollover your loan or organise other forms of refinancing. All decisions regarding any fees, the cost of borrowing and interest rates are dictated by the lender, in accordance with their standard rules, regulations and policies. Payday Loans Texas has no authority or influence over any terms, conditions or costs surrounding your loan agreement through any of our network of lenders. We strongly recommend that you do not accept any loan agreement until you are sure that you have fully read and understood the full terms of your loan. We also urge you to reject any loan that you are not able to repay or if you consider any of the terms of your loan agreement unacceptable you.

Late Payments Hurt Your Credit Score

Any missed or late payments on your online payday loan can have a negative effect on your credit history. It is essential that you only take out a loan that you can afford to repay, to protect your credit history and to avoid further financial difficulties. If you are struggling to make payments on your online payday loan, you will need to discuss this with your lender as soon as possible. This will give you the best chance of coming to an agreement and avoiding any negative consequences for your credit score.

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