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How to Obtain a Payday Loan and Cash Advance in Abilene

Filling online application form with basic personal details is the initial step in borrowing payday money. Once the application is submitted, the applicant should receive a prompt response. While rules differ from state to state, most cities adhere to the lending restrictions and legislation set forth by their individual state. This includes restrictions on the maximum loan amount, the maximum financing charge, the maximum loan duration, and the finance charges.

If you are seeking for Abilene payday loan legislation, you should start by checking at the state’s laws.

Texas Payday Loan Regulations

Legal Status – Legal

Interest Rate (APR) can exceed 400%

Maximum Loan Amount – Not Specified (on average $800)

Minimum Loan Term – 7 days

Maximum Loan Term – 180 days

Number of Rollovers – No restriction (no more than 3 if the City Ordinance was adopted)

Number of Outstanding Loans – Not Specified

Cooling-off Period – None

Installment – Yes

Finance Charges  >$30 => $1 for each $5

    [$30 – $100] => 1/10 of the loan amount + $3 /mo (<$35)

                            [$35 – $70] => $3.50/mo + $4/mo (>$70)

                           >$100 => $10 + $4/mo for each $100

Statute of Limitations – 4 years (from the last payment)

Database Loan Tracking – No

  • In the state of Texas, payday loans are regarded as legal.
  • There is no cap on how much money borrowers may borrow.
  • There is no set maximum financing fee (the APR may exceed 400%).

Depending on the loan size, there are different fees and other costs associated with the loan.

Texas has very relaxed payday loan laws that allow the industry to thrive. This results in a large number of payday loan transactions across the state. In 2016, Texas accounted for 23% of the total US payday loan market.

Also, Payday loans are available in Texas in two different forms: single (that is due in two weeks or one month) and multiple installment loans (due within 6 months).

Installments Loans in Texas Abilene

There is a maximum amount you can borrow in Texas with a payday loan, just like in most other states. There is another choice for individuals who require more than a few hundred bucks and are unsure to pay back wholesome amount in one go. Instead, they could apply for an installment loan.

A short-term loan is known an installment loan when it is repaid over time in manageable amounts. Typically, installment loans range from $1,000 to $5,000. Despite the larger loan amount, most lenders can still deposit the funds into the borrower’s account just as quickly as they could with a lesser loan.